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About Us


We are a family business; which has always focused on the best solutions for our customers.

“Back in 1956, my father, John Schultz, started our company under the name Chicago Vibrator Products. My father’s dream was to become an expert in applied vibration for the flow or compaction of materials. I joined my Father in his quest in 1969, as a sales engineer after I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. As an exclusive distributor of vibrators, we represented one manufacturer with an exclusive territory in the upper Midwest. As the demand for different types of vibrators grew and more vibrator manufacturers became available, we established relationships with several new domestic and international manufacturers. Each new manufacturer had to offer uniqueness of some kind whether in a product, technology, expertise, price or inventory. The decision to expand our manufacturers allowed us to recommend the best technology from a much wider array of products, provide it a competitive cost, and deliver it quickly in most cases.

When the internet came along, it changed the way the world did business. We were ready and excited to help our customers in a whole new way. We launched our first website in 2006, offering the widest choices of products technology, application expertise, price and delivery. Today we continue to improve our website, products and services. Our goal is an Internet site which allows our customers 24/7 accesses to “learn, select and purchase” solutions for their flow and compaction needs. We offer a unique on-line FloPro© vibrator selector. Size your vibrator on-line and purchase anytime night or day. If you need a vibrating table and it’s one of our standard sizes, you can build your own table and save money with our fabrication drawings, vibrators and components. As we have been through all our years of business, we will continue to be focused on the best solutions for our customers.”

- Bill Schultz, President


We offer a variety of products and unique services for material flow issues.
Here are just a few.


  • High Quality Concrete Vibrators
  • Industrial Vibrators
  • Air Cannons
  • Rail Car Gate Openers
  • Truck Vibrators
  • Bin Aerators
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Post Drivers


  • 58 years of Technical Expertise Available
  • FloPro© Vibrator Selector – select the correct vibrator for your application
  • Build Your Own Vibrating Table


We’d love to Hear From You!

We can be reached M-F, from 8:30am to 5pm Central Time.


Division of CVP Group, Inc.
642 Newport Avenue Westmont, IL 60559