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OMB Industrial Vibrators

Below are the different types of OMB industrial vibrators that we offer.

Rotary Electric Vibrators

The VE Series is built for tough applications with high operation loads and hostile environments. Rated for continuous duty. Eccentric ends weights are easlity adjusted for variable force output. Low noise and low maintenace.


  • 3600 RPM Rotary Electric Vibrators
  • 1200 RPM Vibrator
  • Light Impact Rotary Electric Vibrators

The VBM Series is ideal for feeding, screening, and compaction in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical application where light force is required. Vibrator comes standard with capacitor and 5' of cable. Optional on/off control box available.

  • Quick Mount Rotary Electric Vibrators

The AFC vibrator is designed to maximize speed of mounting and dismounting in concrete mold applications. The AFC system has only one nut to tighten needing only one person to change a vibrator, resulting in more time pouring concrete instead of tightening bolts.