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Grain Bin Aeration

Empty Your Grain Bins Effectively and Safely

Bridging, clogging and build-up are commons problems when emptying grain bins. We have many solutions to keep your products flowing, to maximize the bin's capacity, and to reduce cleaning time. See below which product is best for your application or call us to discuss it in further detail.

Airsweep® System

Characteristics: Noise free, mounts to any structure from outside any bin, won’t damage the vessel.

Uses: For items with low moisture content such as grains, feeds, food, meal.

Description: Eliminates flow problems, restores bin capacity.

An Airsweep® System consists of strategically located aerator head assemblies, solenoid valves, electronic sequence controller, and air receiver. The system can operate independently, or can be easily integrated with other equipment or automation system. Based on requirements, the system is set to sequentially pulse burst of high velocity air along the container wall; each pulse with the ability to dislodge up to an 8' diameter area.

The Airsweep® Bin Aeration System


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Air Cannons For Silos and Hoppers

Characteristics: High force output, direct blast design.

Uses: For times that sticky, moist and difficult such as soybean meal, corn gluten feed.

Description: Eradicates bridging and buildup, restores flow, eliminates silo cleanout, increases production.

A Proven Solution to Bridging and Build Up

Bridging in silos results in costly downtime and lost production. Build up results in lost storage and higher inventory costs. Build up can also result in expensive clean out costs when contractors are regularly hired to clean out a silo.

Air Blasters on Hopper v3e Icons V1b

An air cannon system is a proven, permanent solution to these conditions especially on structures such as concrete silos which cannot be vibrated.

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The powerful blasts from the air cannons act directly on the material in the silo causing bridges to collapse and build up to break loose.

Air Blasters are an excellent choice to these materials and applications:


  • wood chips
  • soybean meal
  • corn gluten feed
  • prepared and return foundry sand
  • ores

Storage Vessels

  • concrete silos
  • flat bottom silos
  • hoppers with ceramic liners

G-400 Air Cannons on a kiln pre-heater duct at a cement producer

Air Blasters are supplied as a system including mount plates, solenoid valves, check valve, airline kits, and sequencer-timer. The size and number of air cannons are determined by the size and shape of the vessel, characteristics of the material and the desired outcome. Systems are designed to ensure material flow or to restore lost storage capacity or both. High temperature air cannons are available with special materials for operation in ambient temperature up to 400º F.

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A direct blast design, lightweight piston, short piston travel and aerodynamically designed exhaust windows on a Global air cannon all result in a more powerful, efficient blast than external valve designs.

Global air cannons are available with 2.5", 4", and 6" discharges with carbon steel or stainless steel construction.

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