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Railcar Vibrators


Select the right type, size, and quantity of railcar vibrator to maximize productivity.

The RIGHT type

  • Choose linear impacting railcar piston vibrators for coarse sticky materials such as soybean meal, dried distillers grain, sugar and salt.
  • Choose dual roller railcar rotary vibrators for fine or dry materials such as flour, cement, lime and fertilizer.
  • Choose motor driven railcar vibrators with large amplitudes for open hopper cars with coarse, lumpy materials such as coal and limestone.

The RIGHT size

Each type of railcar vibrator is available in multiple sizes to handle materials with moderately difficult to extremely difficult flow characteristics. Ask us for a Recommendation.

  • Impacting piston vibrators are available in three sizes: 3", 3 1/2" and 3 1/2" long stroke models
  • Dual roller rotary vibrators are available in three sizes with force outputs up to 12,000 pounds
  • Motor driven vibrators are available in 7 sizes with force outputs up to 26,800 pounds

The RIGHT quantity

Two vibrators on each railcar hopper speed unloading by applying more energy and distributing it more evenly through out the hopper car. Two vibrators are especially important when emptying the last 10% to 15% of the car.

Linear Railcar Vibrators

Impacting Rail Piston Vibrator

Characteristics: Simple, inexpensive, easy to mount, air operated

Recommendation: Intermittent or continuous duty unloading most coarse products shipped in closed hopper railcars. Difficult products may require a vibrator on each side of the railcar discharge pocket(s). One piece construction of vibrator and bracket reduces weight to 52 pounds.Although recommended for coarse materials, this vibrator is very popular with bulk cement distribution terminals due to its cost, ruggedness and ease of use.

QMC-3 RR Model
Note: The vibrator is availble for special order with teflon coating for non-lubricated use. Please call for details.

Characteristics: Inexpensive, lightweight, powerful

Recommendation: Intermittent or continuous duty unloading most coarse products shipped in closed hopper railcars. The YRC railcar vibrator model provides powerful force and incredibly lightweight at only 22lbs. A very efficient vibrator that requires only 19 cfm @ 80 psi. Special infused coating protects piston from harsh environments. Includes tuff band exhaust port shields to cool vibrators during use and keep contaminants out of the piston's exhaust ports.

YJR Railcar Shaker

Long Stroke Impacting Piston Railcar Vibrator

Characteristics: Simple, very powerful, air operated

Recommendation: Long stroke HCV series provide extra hitting force for unloading exceptionally difficult materials such as dried distiller's grain, soybean meal, and corn gluten feed.

HCV Series

Recommendation: Use when concerned about personnel lifting and extending railcar shaker into and out of hopper car bracket. Check specifications for clearances needed.


Rotary Railcar Vibrators

High Frequency Dual Roller Vibrators

Characteristics: Portable, inexpensive, ease to mount, dependable, air operated

Recommendation: A very good railcar shaker for fine powdery materials. Ease of use, low initial cost, and long life due to bearingless design. Used with a male wedge bracket to fit standard female wedge bracket on railcar car. Combined weight of vibrator with bracket weigh 63 lbs.

GCL Series

** - GCL/GBM Bracket and vibrator as shown sold separately.

Recommendation: A good choice for hopper car unloading due to ease of use, high force output, low initial cost, and long wear life.

Rotary Turbine Railcar Vibrators

Characteristics: Energy efficient, low noise, lighter weight, No Lubrication Required!

Recommendation: The TCL Turbine Railcar Vibrator series is an excellent choice to reduce noise in the unloading area. Model TCL 6000 Railcar Vibrator empties hopper cars of cement, fertilizers, and other fine material with low noise levels of 85 to 90 dbA.* Impacting piston vibrators or dual roller air vibrators generate 105 to 110 dbA. *


TCL Series

** - GCL/GBM Bracket and vibrator as shown sold separately.

All TCL turbine models use the NASA designed "Terry Turbine" wheel and a recirculation chamber in the housing to substantially improve efficiency. Compared to a comparable dual roller vibrator which requires 64 scfm @ 80 psi, the Model TCL 6000 consumes only 50 scfm @ 80 psi. The combined weight of vibrator and bracket is 53 lbs.

* Exclusive of the secondary noise generated by the railcar.

Motor Driven Railcar Vibrators

Characteristics: Powerful, energy efficient, air operated

Recommendation: A good choice for coarse, lumpy materials shipped in open top hopper railcars such as coal and aggregates. Models available to mount vibrator in wedge bracket on closed hopper cars or on the end sill of open hopper cars as shown.

Hydraulic Design Series

Rotary Electric Railcar Vibrators

Characteristics: Energy efficient, low noise

Recommendation: A good choice for unloading materials when there is a need to reduce noise and energy. An electric rotary railcar vibrator, if supplied with a clamp-on bracket, mounts to a rigid part of the railcar such as the end sill. It can also be mounted in the wedge bracket found on most hopper cars using our male bracket with a lock down feature to prevent bouncing in the bracket. The vibrator MUST be installed with proper overload protection. Mounting bracket not shown in picture. For brackets and motor controls, see accessories on price page by clicking on the model number above.

VE3-3600 Series(230-460/3/60)

Portable Vacuum Mount Rail Car Vibrator Assembly

Characteristics: Portable, lightweight, easy to mount, versatile

Recommendation: Consider our vacuum attaching rail car vibrator when there are no vibrator brackets on the car. The vacuum is created by a venturi in the base uses the same air supply as the vibrator. The operator opens the hand valve on the vacuum base, presses the vibrator and mount against the car, attaches the safety cable, and opens the valve to the vibrator.

VTC Series

The vacuum attaching mount is equipped with our VFP series vibrator which is a quieter, non-impacting, energy efficient piston vibrator.

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