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Rotary Electric Vibrators

Characteristics: Rugged, energy efficient, low noise

Description:A rotating motor with oversized shaft, bearings and eccentric weights on the shaft generates centrifugal force. Force output is radial. Frequency is fixed on most models. Force output is adjusted by changing the unbalance of the weights.

Recommendation: Continuous operations when considering energy usage and life.


  • 3600 RPM Rotary Electric Vibrators
VE3/36 Series 230-460/3/60
VE1/36 Series 115/1/60
CDX Series (230-460/3/60)
CDX Series (115/1/60)
MVSS Series (230-460/3/60)
MVSS Series (115/1/60)

  • 1800 RPM Rotary Electric Vibrators
VE3-1800 Series(230-460/3/60)
VE1-1800 Series (115/1/60)

  • 1200 RPM Rotary Electric Vibrators
VE3-1200 Series(230-460/3/60)

  • 900 RPM Rotary Electric Vibrators
VE3-900 Series (230-460/3/60)

  • Light Impact Rotary Electric Vibrators
VBM Series

  • High Frequency Rotary Electric Vibrators

(Wedge bracket as shown sold separately)

*Male wedge bracket shown with vibrator does NOT fit wedge bracket on railroad hopper cars

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