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Truck Vibrators

Truck vibrators are practical solutions to material hang ups in dump truck beds or bridging in spreader trucks. The driver operates the vibrator with a push button inside the cab. Truck vibrators are available in 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC, hydraulic, and pneumatic power sources. Sealed against dust and moisture, these vibrators provide long life even in adverse conditions.

Truck vibrators improve safety by helping to keep the driver in the cab and off the truck. Truck vibrators improve productivity by reducing the time for manual clean out or by increasing the load of each trip if the bed is not cleaned out each time.

12 and 24 Volt DC Truck Vibrators

Available power, relative ease of installation and push button control from the cab make 12 Volt DC vibrators an ideal choice for truck vibrators. Seven vibrator sizes accommodate applications from a spreader mounted on the back of a pick up truck to a double axle rear dump truck. When vibration is needed, the operator pushes and holds the run button in the cab until the load starts to move. The vibrator motors are sealed against dirt and moisture to provide reliable performance in adverse conditions.

Sizes DC-1000 through DC-3200 are shipped with an installation kit including 25' cable (40' for DC-3200), mount plate, bolts, washer, switch, solenoid, terminals, and instructions. Installation kits for models DC-80 and DC1-400 included bolts and washers. Be sure to specify whether truck bed is steel or aluminum.

Vibrators are designed for intermittent operation with 45 seconds maximum "ON" time and 90 seconds minimum "OFF" time. One shot timers and cycling timers (45 seconds "ON" and 90 seconds "OFF") are available.

CEG Series

The CEG Series 12V rotary electric vibrators produce vibration of medium frequency and forces up to 4300 pounds of centrifugal force suited for moving a wide variety of materials in bins and hoppers. Perfect solution for unloading materials from dump trucks with additonal mount kit (sold separately).

Hydraulic Truck Vibrators

NHD Series

Available in one size, the NHD 110 hydraulic vibrator is an alternate power source to the DC motor vibrators. The force output of this model makes it suitable for use on 15 to 30 cubic yard trucks. Flow controls can be added to provide variable force output.Hydraulic pump capacity usually limits the operation of the vibrator to when the truck is not lifting.

Air Piston Truck Vibrators

Piston vibrators are another alternate powered vibrator. Piston vibrators are inexpensive and easy to install. The most common application is on bottom dump gravity discharge hopper trucks or trucks which are discharged pneumatically. Air compressor capacity and receiver tank size on most trucks limit the run time of the small piston vibrators to just a few seconds. For trucks requiring a large piston vibrator(s), an external air source is needed. This is often available at an unloading site especially when the material is being conveyed to a storage bin. Weld on drop in brackets for mounting the vibrators are available for different manufacturers' trucks. Special Tef-Kote™ teflon coating added the the piston bore eliminates the need for lubrication. The added start spring allows vibrators to return back to start position after use.

Brackets for Hopper Trucks
Bracket  Pricing

Larger channel bracket commonly used on Timpte trailers to mount between knock rails. The smaller bracket fits any trailer and is used to mount directly to the hopper wall.

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